Sunfield Ring Gears

Sunfield manufactures Ring Gears for use in a variety of industries including aerospace and military instrumentation, medical, dental, oil and gas exploration, robotics, optics and industrial controls. Our precision ring gears can be manufactured to AGMA 390.03 to meet the latest AGMA specifications.


About Ring Gear

What is a ring gear?

The ring gear is set on the outer edge of the flywheel after heating, and is fastened on the outer edge of the flywheel after cooling, and is used to mesh with the starter gear to drive the crankshaft to rotate and start the engine.

What is the function of the ring gear?

The main function of the ring gear is to realize the power transmission between the starter and the crankshaft, and provide inertia for the engine.

Ring gear distinction

The 80-tooth ring gear is mainly used in smaller trailers and light trucks. The 100-tooth ring gear is mainly used in customers, buses, trailers and medium or heavy duty trucks. The 120-tooth ring gear is the ring gear with the largest number of teeth in the specification, and is generally used in vehicles with large tires for special purposes.


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Company Profile

Sunfield now offers custom curved rack and ring gears to complement its wide range of standard rack and pinion drives. Curved rack and ring gears can be produced with straight or helical, internal or external teeth, with various pitches, materials, heat treatments and quality levels. Gears up to 2.5 meters in diameter can be produced. Customers can provide their own drawings and designs, or Sunfield can help them design for their specific application.


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